South Northants Link

Formerly South Northamptonshire Link

The campaign to link some of the largest villages and towns in South Northamptonshire and Daventry including Towcester, Daventry, Brackley, Weedon and more, while connecting the three large towns of NorthamptonBanbury, and Leamington Spa.

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Our reports are a one-stop shop to find out how our concept can benefit the communities and local area.

The draft route of the proposed network is available to view on the “Our route” page.

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About South Northants Link


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Our communities

The following communities, towns and villages are on our route. They include Daventry and Brackley, some of the largest towns in the country to not have a connection to our National Rail network, or any decent public transport network.


Daventry is almost the largest town without a National Rail stop, with a 25,000 people population in the town alone. An alternative mode of transport will be needed in Daventry to allow it to grow efficiently.


Southam is flooded with railway lines, including High Speed Two and the existing Chiltern Main Line going through the area. However, Southam, a town, hasn’t got a decent transport link either.


Brackley has a population of 13,000 and with their population growing rapidly, they need a better link to transport. Brackley’s current “local” heavy rail station is King’s Sutton.


Weedon will be a major junction on the network, with possible WCML heavy rail services also stopping here too, putting Weedon as a 2nd centre of the network, after Northampton.


South Midlands Tram

A South Northants Link sub-project.

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